Welcome to Muller Realty

Muller Realty is the epitome of trying something new and succeeding. We started out in logistics and decided to purchase a few investment properties in hopes of trying something new. We went and received our real estate licenses and began working for a well known Real Estate firms in the country in hopes of getting a better grasp on real estate. We took a chance, and it turned out to be our passion. After 5 years, we decided to open our own brokerage, one that offers the best possible options and trainings for agents that handle buying and selling, but also includes a branch that handles property management and all the services that come with it. Although we have been active for about 8 or 9 months Muller Realty has already begun growing and we hope to continue that growth.

One of our biggest values is serving. Serving our community and serving those in need. The name Muller came from George Muller. He was a missionary in the 1800’s who founded built orphanages and schools for kids who had no where to go. We saw that our values lined up with his in terms of servitude and named our brokerage after him. We want to serve by helping those in need in Knoxville and in third world countries and do so through our partnership with a local non-profit, CITA.

We value God, our missions, our families and then our business.