The Importance of property management home Inspections

We do quarterly inspections, not only to take care of our tenants and make sure that they know and feel like they are valued, but also to catch the current and potential problems that could occur. Our extensive experience with inspections allows us to be able to pinpoint and fix a problem even as small as a loose outlet cover. 

Inspections are so important because they allow us to check in on the condition of our rental properties, and they ensure that additional maintenance to the home, such as air filters, water pressure, etc., is taken care of. It is highly recommended for any rental property to be inspected at least as often as the air filter needs to be changed out. You never know if the crack you spot that looks like it is from settling is the cause of a large foundational issue. 

Below we have attached a video from our youtube channel where we go through everything we just stated above and provide you an in depth look into property management home inspections.,It%20Provides%20an%20%22Out%22,require%20immediately%2C%20and%20over%20time