Property Management in Knoxville

At Muller Realty we specialize in property management. Our rental property management company offers expert solutions for both commercial and residential properties. From apartments and condos to homes, trust us with your lease and your home. We cover screening tenants, collecting rent, property maintenance, repairs, and lease management. Within all the areas we serve, our team strives to provide top-quality service.

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Residential Property Management


Muller Realty offers comprehensive residential property management solutions, from apartments to condos and homes, providing top-tier tenant management and property maintenance.

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apartment property management

Efficiently and precisely managing your apartments, we ensure tenant satisfaction, on-time rent collection, and property upkeep, enhancing its investment value.


condo property management

Our condo management services offer tailored solutions, handling maintenance, amenities, and resident needs, guaranteeing smooth living experiences for condo owners.


home property management

From single-family houses to estates, our home management ensures property maintenance, tenant coordination, and optimal value retention for homeowners.


Commercial Property Management


Our commercial property management services ensure the smooth operation of your investments, maximizing returns while handling all management responsibilities and risks.

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Property Management Duties and Responsibilities


Our property management services encompass a range of vital tasks. We handle everything from screening tenants and collecting rent to overseeing maintenance and repairs of properties. Additionally, we take charge of drafting, signing, and renewing leases on behalf of property owners, ensuring seamless operations and peace of mind for both owners and tenants.

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What a Property Manager Does

A property manager outperforms a lot of essential tasks, from tenant interactions to overseeing property maintenance, exemplified by Muller Realty’s professional approach.

How Much Do Property Managers Charge in Knoxville?

Cost factors depend on the services provided. Contact us for transparent pricing and value-driven services.

What to Expect from a Property Management Company

By hiring a property management company like Muller Realty, you can expect expertise and dedication that guarantee your investment’s success.

Comprehensive asset property management services


Would you like to work with knowledgeable and friendly real estate agents in Knoxville? Our team of experts gains clients’ trust by working tirelessly on their behalf and constantly providing helpful advice.

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Why Choose Us?


We honor God by serving him through our business. Helping those in need is one of our core values. Muller Realty is named after George Muller, who founded schools and orphanages while serving as a missionary. Like him, we focus on helping the underprivileged, especially in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Ukraine, and Nepal. Our core values are: Passion for clients Ownership mentality Spirit of simplicity and pioneering Marathon and growth mindset Global citizenship Healthy work-family balance.

  • Vision

    To offer the best housing choice in every phase of life.

  • Mission:

    Enriching lives and communities through real estate


As a company that was created to serve people, our primary goals are: Provide exceptional customer service in every interaction Treat everyone we work with as our most important client Place clients’ needs above ours Deliver continuous improvement in customer experience Always support a positive vibe We want our agents to feel valued and supported, as well as prepared for anything that comes their way. And we want our clients to walk away knowing they have chosen the right people to work with.

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